Fee Schedules

A focused search drives delivery with serious and qualified candidates.

works as your business partner to ensure successful recruitment and offers different levels of service depending on a Client’s needs.

Direct referrals and job boards may or may not lead to the desired result. GSA offers a range of recruitment solutions tailored to the level of position and degree of assistance desired by the Client company.

FULL RETAINER, EXCLUSIVE AGENCY SEARCH: This approach offers the highest degree of priority, guarantee, and personal attention to a Client. The fee is 20% of first year salary, with a retainer of 1/3 of the projected fee up front, and the balance due within 30 days after the start date of the successful candidate.

FLAT FEE RETAINER, EXCLUSIVE AGENCY SEARCH: A retainer of $5,000 is paid solely to GSA to ensure that a search is conducted concurrent with a Client’s own recruitment activity. The balance of a fee of 20% of first year salary is paid only if GSA’s candidate is hired.

EXCLUSIVE AGENCY CONTINGENCY SEARCH: This approach is recommended for the level of searches where the Client is using internal and external resources, but GSA is the only agency assigned to work on the position(s). This prevents candidates from being approached by multiple recruiters, which has a negative impact on the process. The fee is 20% of first year salary, and is paid only if GSA’s candidate is hired.

CONTINGENCY SEARCH: In some cases, where a mix of recruitment resources are being used, GSA provides the company with candidates for the usual fee of 20% of first year salary, paid only if GSA’s candidate is selected.

GSA has recruitment experience in every major market nationwide and, as needed, works with select strategic partners for search optimization.